Suzanne is the HR Director for Ashton Memorial, Inc. She has been employed with Ashton Memorial for the past 26 years, serving in many different positions, but being in Human Resources has proved to be her favorite. Suzanne has an Associate’s Degree in Business from Bryman’s. She is in charge of payroll, new hires, grant research and compliance. She is also the Benefits Administrator for the various insurance benefits, Ashton Memorial offers to its employees. 

Suzanne likes interacting with the employees of the company and particularly enjoys meeting new employees and getting them started on, what she hopes to be a great, rewarding career! Suzanne considers herself an Ashton Native and has strong ties to the community. She has been the Distinguished Young Women (formerly Jr. Miss) chairman for the past 17 years. Suzanne loves getting to interact with the young ladies who become part of that program. She was awarded “Chairman of the Year” in 2009, and has a long list of Young Women that love and look up to her. 

Suzanne Brady