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  • Gustafson House

Was established in 2001 to provide help for children and their families. Gustafson House accepts both male and female clients, ages 6 thru 17.


 We focus on children and families with the following issues: 

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
  • Physical and/or Sexual Abuse
  • School Performance & Behavior Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Negative Peer Group Participation
  • Criminal and/or Other Types of Out of Control Behavior

Our goals are to provide stabilization for both child and family. Along with that, we strive to improve behavior and family relationships. We do our best to access community support and provide a short-term stay when possible.

Why choose Gustafson House? First and foremost it is a safe, supported and nurturing "growing up" environment for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children. On top of that, the children and their families receive more individualized, focused, and streamlined treatment. Children and their families are able to remain closer together, physically and emotionally during treatment. Children with mental health problems or unmanageable behavior are better adjusted and supported by their families and the community. All positive therapeutic relationships are continued with minimal disruption as their treatment needs change. The benefit of Gustafson House is that there is a noticeable improvement in school performance and behavior. There is also access to help during crisis situations, an overall more self-reliant family and we offer collaborative Mental Health Services.